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Hi-Res music - High Resolution Music

With crystal clarity, the tunes resound In high fidelity, the notes astound Each tone and timbre, perfectly profound Immerse your ears in high resolution sound.

Spill the tea on the deets of that sick new Hi-Res Music norm, ya feel me? That lossless audio biz be blowin' up, no cap. People cravin' music with max fidelity and bit depth, get me? Not that wack MP3 nonsense - we talkin' studio master quality direct to your headphones. Them audiophiles be stoked on tunes with higher sampling rates than a CD. We talkin' better dynamics, improved imaging, all that good stuff. That Hi-Res badge let you know your tracks be bumpin' with the most pristine sonics money can buy. So lay some knowledge on me about that fly new standard, a'ight? Them Hi-Res royalties be the future, word is bond.

The High-Resolution Music Standard

High-resolution music, often abbreviated as Hi-Res music, refers to music files that have a higher sampling frequency and bit depth than conventional digital audio formats like CDs. Whereas CD quality audio has a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz and 16-bit depth, Hi-Res music has a minimum sampling rate of 96 kHz and 24-bit depth. This allows Hi-Res files to capture more detail and resolution in the music, providing a closer reproduction to the original studio master recording.
The Hi-Res music standard was developed by the Japan Audio Society (JAS) in the late 1990s to provide audio quality superior to CDs. Some of the key specifications of Hi-Res music include:

- Sampling frequency of 96 kHz or higher (compared to 44.1 kHz for CDs)
- Bit depth of 24 bits or higher (compared to 16 bits for CDs)
- File formats like FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF that support high sample rates and bit depths
- No lossy audio compression like MP3, AAC that discard audio data
By meeting these technical benchmarks, Hi-Res music provides listeners with greater dynamic range, reduced noise and distortion, improved stereo imaging, and the ability to hear more micro-details in the music. However, to take full advantage of Hi-Res music requires high-fidelity audio playback equipment and good quality source files. The improved resolution makes the subtleties of a music recording more apparent.

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