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DSD - Direct Stream Digital

Introducing DSD - Direct Stream Digital! This groundbreaking new audio technology provides the ultimate listening experience. Hear music as the artist intended - with stunning clarity, detail and dynamic range. DSD captures every nuance and subtlety for a sensational sonic immersion. Go beyond CD quality. Go beyond ordinary digital. DSD is the future of digital audio. A sonic revolution for your ears. DSD - hear what you've been missing.

About Standart

Direct Stream Digital (DSD) is a method of digitally recording audio signals originally developed by Sony and Philips. DSD uses pulse-density modulation encoding, whereby the analog audio waveform is represented by a stream of single-bit values at a high sampling rate. A sampling rate of 2.8224 MHz is commonly used, which is 64 times the 44.1 kHz sampling rate used for CD audio. The high sampling rate aims to capture the entire audible frequency range while introducing less quantization noise and distortion than lower sampling rates. DSD's single-bit encoding system seeks to avoid the signal degradation caused by multi-bit quantization. Proponents of DSD argue that its high sampling rate and noise shaping provide audio quality comparable or superior to high-resolution PCM formats. However, critics contend that DSD's benefits are subtle and it uses more storage space than necessary. Nevertheless, DSD has gained popularity as a high-resolution audio format and is supported by many audiophile equipment manufacturers.

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