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Vlad Lazar is an American composer, songwriter, author and producer of numerous music projects in the United States, Europe, Asia and the CIS.

From the young age of 5, Vlad began writing music, though at the time he lacked knowledge of musical notation. After graduating from music school, like so many aspiring composers, he started work as a ghostwriter for famous pop artists. At the same time, Vlad wrote a great deal of production music and music for advertising, though the rights to these works were signed over to the advertisers.

Eventually, Vlad's personal, unique projects emerged, which he could register with BMI under his own name. One such musical project was VLC (Vlad Lazar Collection) from the "Music of Sensation" series, which spanned 1991 to 1999 and included 7 published albums.

During this time, producers from Europe, the USA and Asia approached Vlad to write songs and entire albums for their performers. There were successful long-term projects as well as one-day collaborations. Over the years, Vlad wrote thousands of songs and compositions, along with a huge number of sketches, though only 10% of them were ever published.

Vlad remains open to working with any artists and is happy to share both finished sketches and write new music and songs. He also invites filmmakers, animators, theater directors and bloggers to collaborate. This website does not present all of Vlad's works, but only those he has the right to publish.

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